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Where Artistry and Endurance Intertwine

Introducing the ElysiumTouch™ Table Lamp, meticulously crafted from a singular block of premium metal. Its design epitomizes the purity of form while exuding an unmistakable tactile luxury.


Grandior Homes' Signature Innovation

Harnessing our cutting-edge technology, the ElysiumTouch™ is not just a cordless lamp. It boasts an intuitive touch sensor, allowing users to seamlessly transition between three distinct lighting hues, each tailored for different moods and moments.



A Gentle Embrace of Luminosity

Drawing inspiration from nature's serene light and the timeless silhouette of iconic lanterns, our lamp stands distinguished. It emits a tranquil light from its apex, casting a warm, inviting glow that redefines nocturnal ambiance.



Built to Brave the Elements

With an IP66 water resistance rating, ElysiumTouch™ promises unparalleled versatility. Whether you choose to place it in a lavish bathroom or under the open sky, its design ensures stability, and the grip is finely treated to prevent slips even when cradled.



A Symphony of Lighting Control

A mere touch atop the ElysiumTouch™ offers you the magic of dimming. Choose from four levels: a subtle glimmer reminiscent of candles, a gentle luminance for dining, a clear light perfect for reading, and a brilliant radiance to invigorate any space.







Material: Aluminum
Size: 27.5 cm×13 cm (10.8×5.1 Inches)
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: 3.‎7 V / 5200 mAh
Voltage: 100-240V
Battery run time (h): 8-12 Hours
Working Lifetime(Hour): 30000
Light Source: LED 2900K (warm), 4000K (neutral), 5000K (white) Color Temperature Settings
Charge Time: 3 hours
Dimmable: Dimmable to desired brightness by tapping and holding on the lamp
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 200
Package Includes: Lamp (no assembly required), USB charger and Pearl Cotton


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can this be used just with the cord plugged in and without the battery?
Answer: The lamp will work even when plugged in with the batteries drained. Therefore you can definitely use it plugged it and never worry about recharging it.

Question: What is the color temperature of this lamp?
Answer: The LED in the lamp is touch adjustable to 2900K (warm), 4000K (neutral), 5000K (white) color temperature settings.

Question: Can the battery and LED be replaced?
Answer: You do not need to worry about replacing the battery or the LED in the lamp but in the case that you wanted to, you may change the battery as it is replaceable. The LED in the lamp is irreplaceable.


Shipping Information

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Processing times take 24-72 hours so look out for an email with your tracking number in 3 days at the latest!

Returns Policy

We offer frictionless returns. If you don't like it, return it!

The only thing we are picky about is that you get the product returned within 14 days of your purchase!

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How do I upload videos/pictures?

Easy peasy! Simply follow the steps below after receiving your Digital Photo Frame:

💻 Connect your frame to your Windows/Mac Laptop via the provided USB cable.
(Please ensure that the USB is connected firmly)

📁 Once the USB is connected to your laptop, a driver folder will appear on your desktop.
can load up to 1GB of videos or photos. Load multiple files to play
them in sequence. If you load only one file, it will be played in a
continuous loop)

⏏️ Drag and drop video files to video folder or if you'd like to add photos add them to the photo folder.
make sure that your video/image file resolution is 480*854px for 5" and
600*1024px for 7" frames, and in one of these formats: MP4, AVI, MKV,

🌟 Once you've successfully uploaded
the files, now you can disconnect the frame from your computer and
endlessly replay your lovely memories!
(You can of course swap out your videos endlessly by deleting old ones and adding new ones)

How long can videos be?

The Motion Frame allows users to upload videos with any length

Do I need to upload my media before purchasing?

No you do not need to do anything before purchasing. You can upload your memories into the frame once you've received it.

Simply follow the instructions above to upload your media.

Can it play sound?

It sure does! You have the option to add sound to your video. There is
also a button at the back of the frame which allows you to mute/unmute
the sound.

Do I need to charge it?

Yes! When it's fully charged it will have a battery life of 2-3 hours. However, you can simply plug the USB cable

(included in the package) into your computer and it will allow your
frame to stay on 24/7!

Here is what our customers have to say

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Greta Deckow

Product completion is also high .. Black is luxurious ~ ~ I will buy more

Luis Smith

Love it!

Clinton Jacobs


Joanny Baumbach

great quality lamp

Otho Herman



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A Gift That Lasts Forever

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